LEO Privacy

All Secrets, All Safe!

Privacy Status

Know your potential privacy-leaking
risk at any time!
Simple tips & one-click operation.
Protect all your secrets!


App Lock

Just one-click to lock all apps.
Various modes help you cope with all situations.
Interesting app covers to trick snoopers.

Harassment Intercept

Any trouble with harass calls/messages?
Put them all in your blacklist!
Auto-check harass numbers and one-click to
deal with them.



Locate your phone.
Lock all apps, and alert private data leakage.
Give alarm, making it easier to fine your phone.

Safe box

Private photos & videos are safely
hidden in this personal vault.
Hide call logs & SMS.
Keep secrets safe.


Break-in Alert

Snapshot intruder’s selfies.
Show intruder’s photos in timeline,
and find the snooper anytime.

scan QR code and download app